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BYOD causes huge privacy concerns: Dell

Chris Player | May 8, 2015
The Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)'s Privacy Awareness Week is on again across the country and Dell has offered tips for consumers and business on how to stay safe.

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Dell SecureWorks general manager and director, Simon Ractliffe, said online privacy and ensuring all your entities are secure has never been more important in the wake of the explosion of cybercrime.

"The underground [cybercrime] markets are booming with counterfeit documents including new identity kits, passports, utility bills, social security cards and driver's licenses. These documents enable many kinds of in-person fraud, whether it is buying a high-end purchase with a duplicated credit card, applying for bank loans or attempting government fraud. "It's clear the underground [cybercriminals] are monetising every piece of data they can steal or buy. Additionally, they are beginning to sell the tools to enable would-be hackers to progress and commit opportunistic crimes, as well as conduct online and in-person fraud. Malware, infected computers, walkthrough guides and even [cyber criminals]-for-hire, are all available to purchase on the underground [cybercrime] market. "In order to prevent this criminal activity and ensure your sensitive information stays private, it is essential organisations, as well as individuals, stay aware of the threat and implement proactive measures to ward against the loss of data," he said.


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