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Buying advice: MacBook laptop or Mac desktop? Choosing between an Apple laptop and desktop computer

Lou Hattersley | July 16, 2015
Which type of Apple computer should you buy? Apple desktops have huge screens, but MacBooks offer portability. This guide to buying Mac computers will help you choose between an Apple Mac desktop and a MacBook laptop computer.

Conclusion: Should you buy a Mac desktop or laptop?

It may sound trite but in the most case it really does come down to 'how portable do you want your computer to be?' If you need a machine to carry around with you then the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro offer this feature.

But if you don't need portability, you really get much more from a Mac desktop than just a bigger screen. The faster innards, and upgradability options (at least on models other than the 21.5-inch iMac and new Mac mini) will allow you to buy a machine with more potential lifespan. And don't underestimate the productivity gains of working on a large 27-inch display (especially one as beautiful as the new iMac with Retina 5K display).

The only thing that lets the average desktop down is the slower hard drive, so we recommend you upgrade to flash storage, or a Fusion Drive when you purchase it.


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