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Businesses told to give up data when NSA calls

Antone Gonsalves | June 7, 2013
Any company receiving a similar order to Verizon's would have no choice but to comply to avoid serious legal consequences, experts say

"Unless NSA loses the data, it is probably not a big deal," he said. "I don't see any additional risk to enterprise security stemming from this data collection."

Privacy in an age of the collection and mining of huge amounts of data gathered by businesses is an issue that's been around for some time and is no closer to a solution.Ã'Â

"The open question is the extent of data collection and the latitude those with access to this sort of information -- and more -- have, or could have, in a free and open society," said Scott Crawford, research director for Enterprise Management Associates and an expert in big data security.

The ability by government and business to collect and analyze large volumes of digital information can make the world safer, but also threatens privacy and civil liberties, Crawford said.

"I believe it is going to take a considerable amount of public discourse in order for society to come to any kind of consensus on the responsible use of this capability," he said. "Even then, it seems that the power to collect and analyze large volumes of data will likely outstrip our ability to manage this power."


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