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Businesses can do more in battle against Gameover Zeus-like botnets

Antone Gonsalves | June 3, 2014
More cooperation and sharing information with law enforcement can be more effective in battling botnets than spending more money on technology, experts say

Those concerns are understandable given the potential legal problems that could arise if companies share information related to customers or partners. Some experts advocate Congress providing protection to businesses when sharing information related to cybersecurity.

"There is a need to provide clear guidance on how cyber-warfare is to be conducted, how attribution of attacker is determined, how commercial safe harbor and liability of consequence for warfare is to be handled, said Philip Lieberman, president and chief executive of Lieberman Software, which specialized in identity management.

In addition, legislation could help Internet service providers work closer with law enforcement to take down botnets.

"There is no legislation that allows the ISPs that connect the infected machines to quell the outbreak by monitoring and blocking the traffic," Lieberman said.

Companies that can find a way around these concerns can be a big help to law enforcement in raising the cost for cybercriminals building botnets to attack businesses.

"Working on coordinated efforts with the government to go after the threat actors is far more cost effective for business than constantly trying to build larger walls," Chabinsky said.


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