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Business trends: Bringing the office to cars, wrists, and ears

Mark Hachman | Jan. 13, 2014
While it's true that the Internet of Things and wearable technology in particular may represent the Next Big Thing in computing, the fundamental problem hasn't changed: how to take data, assimilate it, and apply it to make our lives more productive.

What that proved—again—is that connectivity isn't just key, but the foundation upon which productivity is built. This may have been the first CES that no one grumbled about the lack of bandwidth. And as a T-Mobile customer, I was excited to hear about the Verizon spectrum deal, which will only improve the carrier's still somewhat limited coverage.

This year will undoubtedly prove a year of transition, as both the consumer and business segments wrestle with swallowing and digesting the new Internet of Things, and collecting and collating the data those sensors provide. But the whole concept of wearables seems much more manageable when placed inside a productivity context: there, we need only worry about transferring and translating our person-to-person experiences into the context of business.

One final note: eventually, I do hope that we agree on a set of common privacy standards and protocols for augmented facial recognition. We simply live in a world where business-to-business communication would be facilitated by knowing who it is we're speaking to. Until then, we have the analog equivalent: the name badge, which is the one overlooked productivity trend that isn't going away anytime soon.


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