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Building better slideshows on your iPad

Derrick Story | May 30, 2013
How to connect iPhoto with iMovie to create polished, professional-looking sequences of slides on your tablet.

Adding music
On the left side of the interface, I tap on the music note icon to reveal my iTunes library. I keep a handful of royalty-free soundtracks in there for use in my videos. For this presentation, I chose a lovely piano piece to accompany the images. iMovie will add the audio to the timeline as a green frame for the pictures.

You can adjust the volume by double-tapping on the green frame to reveal the Settings menu. If you decide you don't like the music at all, tap on the Delete Clip button and select another piece.

Rearranging frames
Adjusting the sequence of images is straightforward. Tap and hold on the photo you want to move, then drag it to its new position.

Adjusting Crop, Zoom, and Duration
Each photo frame can be individually adjusted for cropping and a Ken Burns effect. Tap on the thumbnail in the timeline to highlight the clip with a yellow border. Adjust the starting position to your liking. You can pinch outward to zoom the photo. Then tap the End button for the closing framing. Tap Done when finished.

Ken Burns-Adjusting the Ken Burns effect.

Personally, I like less movement with the Ken Burns effect than iMovie uses as its default. So I typically adjust each frame in the presentation.

You can also adjust the duration for any frame. The default is 4 seconds. Tap on the yellow handle and drag to lengthen or shorten its play time.

Fine-tuning the transition
Along those lines, you can also choose something different than the default 1-second cross-dissolve between any two images. Tap once on the transition icon in between the frames. It looks like a pair of triangles positioned nose to nose. Once highlighted, tap on the new yellow triangles that appear. Tap twice on the yellow dot that's now revealed to display the Transition Settings dialog box.

After you've made your adjustments to the transition, click on the yellow triangles again to close the dialog box and lock in your choices.

Adding titles
iMovie offers you three basic title styles: opening, middle, and ending. And there's not much you can do with them other than add type. One trick that I use to create a stand-alone title frame is to keep a black photo in my Camera Roll. I add this image to iMovie for creating opening and closing titles.

Title-Create an opening title in iMovie.

In iMovie, choose the black frame by tapping on the Photos icon to access your Camera Roll. Once you've added the picture to the beginning or end of the slideshow, double tap on it to display the Photo Settings dialog box. Here's where you set the title style and add the text. Tap again on the thumbnail to close the dialog box.


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