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Build a hellacious PC with Intel's Devil's Canyon and AMD's dual-GPU graphics monster

Marco Chiappetta | Oct. 30, 2014
Combining Intel's fastest processor with AMD's beefiest graphics card melted our faces--in both gaming performance and sheer power usage. Join us as we build the beast.

It is, however, a total Jekyll and Hyde with regard to power consumption. After idling for a few minutes, with the screen dimmed, the system pulls only 87 watts from the outlet. When sitting idle at the Windows desktop with the screen lit up, power consumption is not much different and hovers right around the 94-watt mark. Fire up a CPU-intensive task, however, and power consumption jumps up into the 210 watt range. Throw something at the system that loads both the CPU and GPU--like 3DMark--and power consumption shoots up to roughly 635 watts. By comparison, our Haswell-E and GTX 980 build from yesterday sips a mere 256 watts under full gaming loads.

The Devil's Canyon-based Core i7-4790K may be significantly more power-hungry than its lower-clocked siblings, but the Radeon R9 295X2 is simply a monster in every possible way. Stay tuned tomorrow for a PC built entirely with AMD technology!


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