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Bugs & Fixes: A roundup of Mavericks troubleshooting tips

Ted Landau | Nov. 4, 2013
Apple has released its latest OS update, OS X 10.9 Mavericks. While it is a stable release, it's not bug-free. We round up the problems that have been picked up by the Apple news media.

Finder folder glitches. Is it taking a long time (like 30 seconds or more) before items appear when you open a Finder window. Do the items sometimes never appear? If so, an Apple Support Communities thread has the likely answers. You may only need to select to "arrange" the Finder items differently. Otherwise, you may have to delete the Finder's preferences (.plist) file.

Delete Finder tags. One of the significant new Finder features in Mavericks is tags. With it, you can label files and folders with tag names that you create. This can help organize and later find related files. That's great. But what if you'd like to delete a tag? I've read numerous articles on using tags in Mavericks; almost all of them fail to mention how to do this. The answer: Select the Finder's Preferences and click the Tags tab. From here, click-hold on the name of the tag you want to delete. In the contextual menu that pops up, You'll find an option to delete the tag. If the tag name is listed in the Finder's sidebar, you can also access its contextual menu from there.

A personal aside: Hiding delete options in a contextual menu is a design shift that makes no sense to me. In the Preferences list, why not also have +/- buttons for adding and deleting, as is still done in most OS X System Preferences panes? That would make the options easier to discover, so users wouldn't have to scour the web to learn how to accomplish these basic tasks. Unfortunately, I've seen a similar shift in a few other OS X locations as well as in iOS 7, such as in the new hidden way to delete individual texts in Messages. I hope Apple reverses direction here.


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