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Brace yourself: SOPA set to strike again

Caroline Craig | Aug. 24, 2015
An obscure case involving dental aligners could have huge implications for the free flow of data across the global Web.

As with SOPA and PIPA, simply the threat of legal action against ISPs might be all that's required to take something down.

The ITC's new powers could result in major problems for cloud computing, The Internet Association argued in an amicus brief supporting ClearCorrect. If companies expose themselves to a legal challenge every time they send data across U.S. borders, it would "effectively require the company to alter its operations throughout the world, including for data generated, stored, and served either wholly within or wholly outside of the United States, well beyond any conception of the jurisdiction of the ITC."

Other nonprofits and companies that favor an open Internet, such as Public Knowledge and Electronic Frontier Foundation and Google, sweeping implications for the Internet and the ability of companies to operate efficient, dependable, global networks."

The MPAA and RIAA have filed an amicus brief supporting Align and the new jurisdiction for the ITC.

It may seem hard to believe that the future of the Internet is at stake in an "extremely boring case about invisible braces," but the Federal Circuit's ruling -- which will likely come late this year -- could decide whether the ITC becomes "the new digital cop."


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