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Billionaire wants to create cyborgs

via Mashable/ SMH | April 2, 2013
In science fiction, one of the most popular concepts is the cyborg — a creature that's part human and part machine. Now, a Russian billionaire is determined to take this sci-fi trope and make it a reality.

Of course, to achieve his goal, Itskov is going to need a lot of money, and his billions probably aren't enough. He began fundraising last year by contacting many of the world's billionaires but didn't make much progress. Now he's taking a different (and less elitist) tack, recruiting scientists (including futurist Ray Kurzweil) to his cause and authoring an open letter to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, asking him to support to push society's transition to "neo-humanity".

Has Itskov read one too many Isaac Asimov novels? Perhaps, but he's completely serious about taking humanity to a new, immortal level, and his website is littered with essays, diagrams and videos that describe how he hopes to get there.


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