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Bill Gates vows the return of Microsoft Bob

Joab Jackson | July 16, 2013
In an informal talk, the Microsoft co-founder also said that getting rid of patent laws would be 'crazy'.

"I see those things decoupling," Gates said. "The way you prove you have certain skills can be very straightforward, and there can be a lot of people competing to help you gain that knowledge."

Gates was not so optimistic when asked if he though the art of software programming has improved over the past few decades.

"Is programming today much different than 10 years ago or 20 years ago? Not really," Gates said. the challenge "to take domain knowledge and encode that in a way that is transparent, understandable, easy to update," is about as difficult as it has ever been, he said.

"I know there is work [being done] along those lines, but you could have said that 20 years ago."


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