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Big AMD wins: Capcom embraces Mantle, Samsung plans 4K FreeSync monitor line

Brad Chacos | Nov. 21, 2014
Graphics technology has been stuck on the 28nm manufacturing process for a full three years now, but that doesn't mean AMD and Nvidia have been sitting on their proverbial thumbs.

Displays refresh at a set rate — often 60Hz, though gaming-focused monitors can push that higher. Graphics cards, on the other hand, pump out as many frames as they're able. If the card sends a new frame to the display while it's refreshing, then BOOM! Screen tearing — which appears as offset horizontal lines across the image — occurs.

FreeSync (and Nvidia's G-Sync) force the two pieces of hardware to synchronize their refresh rates, leaving you with buttery gaming goodness.

At the Future of Compute event, Samsung announced that it plans to bring the world's first FreeSync-enabled 4K displays to market in March 2015, with its UD590 and UE850 monitors. Eventually, the plan is to make all new Samsung 4K displays FreeSync compatible.

It's a huge win for AMD, but being the first FreeSync-enabled 4K display isn't quite as momentous as it sounds because, well, there are currently zero, nada, zilch FreeSync displays that you can actually buy available. But at PDXLAN this week, Richard Huddy, AMD's chief gaming scientist, said that the first models should start appearing in December, according to Hexus.

To be fair, the very first Nvidia G-Sync monitors are only starting to creep into the market themselves. And since FreeSync is an open standard, unlike G-Sync, monitors that support AMD's screen tear savior tech will likely be cheaper than their counterparts when they do start to hit store shelves.


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