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Bethesda's E3 2015 kick off: Fallout 4 release date, DOOM, Dishonored 2, and more

Hayden Dingman | June 16, 2015
At first there was nothing. Empty space. The soft quiet of the void. Darkness. An idea, floating in a barren wasteland. And then, a lone voice--loud and getting steadily louder.

The other half, crafting, pertains to weapons and armor modifications. The system looks extremely customizable, with a video demonstrating that a Laser Pistol can be specced out into a Laser Sniper Rifle, Laser Shotgun, or what have you based on whatever parts you attach.

Oh, and there's a jetpack. And an airship. And damn it stop showing me Fallout 4 and just let me play it.

You're feeling that way too? Well, good news. Oh sweet mother of what's-his-name it's coming out November 10. That is not very long from now.

In weird collectible news, Bethesda's Todd Howard also revealed that the collector's edition of the game will come with a model of a Pip-Boy — one you can slot your phone into and thus use like a real Pip-Boy. There's an accompanying app that will interact with the game, which...could go either way. Todd Howard called it a gimmick, but "the best $#^^%ing gimmick," so take what you will from that.

For tablet and phone people, there's also a vault management game called Fallout Shelter that looks similar to some stuff from XCOM or maybe This War of Mine. It's a free-to-play god game that's out on iOS right this moment. So go download that, if you're one of those tablet people.

And that's it! Bethesda's over! E3 is underway. Join us again tomorrow for more E3 press conference news from Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, and EA. Stay with us all week for more from the show — most of the PC games we're most excited about won't be revealed during tomorrow's press conferences. And for minute-to-minute updates from the ground, check out my Twitter feed. I'll be posting live updates all week.


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