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Bethesda's E3 2015 kick off: Fallout 4 release date, DOOM, Dishonored 2, and more

Hayden Dingman | June 16, 2015
At first there was nothing. Empty space. The soft quiet of the void. Darkness. An idea, floating in a barren wasteland. And then, a lone voice--loud and getting steadily louder.

Supposedly it's coming in 2015. We'll see.

Dishonored 2

Okay, so thanks to a last-minute leak involving a live Twitch stream and a hot mic, we already knew Dishonored 2 was coming. Them's the breaks.

Still, it's good to see Bethesda giving this one a second shot. Dishonored was pretty fantastic, albeit flawed, and I'm excited to see more of Arkane's world. There wasn't much to go on in the trailer — you're still traipsing around the world stopping time and generally being a crazy assassin. The only big point I noticed in the trailer is that Dishonored 2 will feature dual protagonists — Corvo makes his return, but Emily Kaldwin is now a playable character too.

The Elder Scrolls Legends

Bethesda continued to soil the Elder Scrolls name by announcing a Hearthstone-alike digital card game called Elder Scrolls Legends. Uh...Yeah. I guess that's coming. I think there was also an Elder Scrolls Online trailer too but I yawned and then it was over.

Fallout 4

And then the moment we were all waiting for! The Fallout 4 demo was just as blown out and lengthy as pre-show rumors suggested. Half an hour of game footage. For an E3 demo? That's unheard of. Todd Howard came on stage. He said "Games are important to all of us here!" He showed us concept art! He talked about attention to detail! Inspirational violin music played!

Then he dropped the bomb (sorry): Fallout 4 starts pre-nuclear bombs dropping. That's where you're going to start creating your character. Humans still look a bit weird in Fallout 4, but the character creation is more refined — instead of changing a bunch of sliders to adjust your features, you just sort of drag your face around like some sort of horrible clay person.

We fast-forwarded after character creation to the actual game — 200 years in the future. No, Bethesda didn't tell us how our character is still alive. From there, it looked like a prettier version of Fallout 3. One interesting feature: Todd Howard said you can walk away from dialogue exchanges if you want, just in the middle of talking. I'm curious whether doing so will affect peoples' opinion of you.

VATS also makes a return, though tweaked. It looks like time merely slows down in Fallout 4's VATS instead of halting entirely. That should make combat a bit more interesting than rapidly tapping the VATS button.

Bethesda's also added a massive crafting/structure-creation aspect to Fallout 4. Structure creation is similar to the house designer they used in that one Skyrim expansion, except fleshed out in a bunch of ways to be more like a survival game — complete with power grids, terminals, traps, et cetera to protect against the raiders who will inevitably attack. Though Todd Howard specified this is a single "optional" part of a "very large" game.


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