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Bethesda's E3 2015 kick off: Fallout 4 release date, DOOM, Dishonored 2, and more

Hayden Dingman | June 16, 2015
At first there was nothing. Empty space. The soft quiet of the void. Darkness. An idea, floating in a barren wasteland. And then, a lone voice--loud and getting steadily louder.

At first there was nothing. Empty space. The soft quiet of the void. Darkness. An idea, floating in a barren wasteland. And then, a lone voice — loud and getting steadily louder.


Thusly did E3 2015 come into being. And let me extend a warm welcome. Sunday night, Bethesda held its first ever E3 press conference at the historic Dolby Theater in Los Angeles (the same venue as The Oscars). Thanks to rumors, leaks, and Bethesda's own marketing, we already knew almost every announcement ahead of time, but...damn. That Fallout 4 trailer.

In case you were busy sleeping, eating, or otherwise going about life as a normal, well-adjusted human, here's what you missed.

DOOM (a.k.a. Doom 4)

Bethesda wasted no time, kicking off with DOOM (4). And oh hey — DOOM exists. Like, we actually saw a hefty amount of in-game footage, and then a big ol' DOOM logo splashed onscreen and somewhere in the ether John Romero's hair probably tingled a bit.

DOOM is built on id Tech 6, and what we saw was split across two locations — one which seemed to take place in some sort of Mars-based industrial station complex-y thing and another they called the "Gateway to Hell." It's looking really pretty, provided your idea of pretty is "Demons literally disintegrating into dismembered body parts with the utmost realism."

The singleplayer trailers (yes, two) we saw were definitely heavy on action — this was guns, guns, guns, and then a series of explosions. And then a chainsaw rammed through a demon's skull. Either that means Bethesda's moving away from the relatively story-heavy trappings of Doom 3 or it means they're keeping those cards closer to the chest.

Personally I'm hoping it's the latter. Bethesda's sensational other shooter Wolfenstein: The New Order proved you could combine an old-school shooter with a decent story. I'd like to see some of that carry over into Doom.

We got a brief taste of Doom's multiplayer, which looks fast-paced enough to almost be a '90s shooter. The biggest news by far though was the introduction of "Snapmap" (or SnapMap?). It's similar to Halo's "Forge," allowing for in-game creation of custom maps and modes. Now I think the real question is whether Bethesda plans to reintroduce its controversial paid mods scheme whenever SnapMap launches.

Also, that name. Ugh. It's almost as corny as Drivatar.

Finally, a release date: Spring of 2016. I'd guess May, as that's when Wolfenstein launched last year and the Wolfenstein expansion launched this year.


It's been quite a while since I've seen anything from Battlecry, Bethesda's multiplayer-focused shooter. We got a brief demo during the press conference, and it...well, it still looks it'll be an interesting Team Fortress-esque shooter, if it ever releases.


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