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Best apps for fitness: iPhone & iPad apps to keep you fit and healthy

Philip Jones | Sept. 9, 2013
The best apps for fitness: our pick of the iPhone and iPad apps to help you get and keep fit and healthy.

Outdoors Great Britain (£1.99), with heaps of optional OS map add-ons, admittedly at steep prices for some maps, is ideal if you are planning to go off-road a lot. Using GPS and OS maps, it should ensure you never got lost but also keep you aware of the things worth seeing in the vicinity.

The best apps for fitness: our pick of the iPhone and iPad apps to help you get and keep fit and healthy.

Best apps for fitness: triathlon
While we have already covered plenty of ways to make the iPhone work you out, the ultimate challenge lies in combining everything we've covered so far and take on a triathlon.

First Time Triathlon (£3.99) has a 12-week work out plan written by a triathlon coach and former triathlete aimed at getting you up to speed for a sprint triathlon, and Triathlon and Marathon Training (£2.99) also offers workouts and time-logging capabilities. 220 TriLog Pro (£1.49) has a very user-friendly setup to help keep all your workouts in order and see which area may need the most attention.

Using an app such as Triathlon Pace Calculator (£1.49) and TriCalc (£1.49) can help you measure your pace for one workout and give you a better of idea of which disciplines need more work. A useful free addition to your triathlon collection is TriEssential (free), which has motivational quotes as well as 365 tips from past triathlon conquerors.

Best apps for fitness: weight lifting
Up to now, everything we have covered is cardio and will certainly help you burn off any excess you feel you are carrying. But if you're looking to be serious about competing in races and events, then a bit of weights work is going to go a long way as you will tone and condition the muscles to meet the endurance needs. Or maybe you just want to fill the sleeves of your T-shirt with strong arms, or get that six-pack you always promised yourself.

Gym Log Pro (£1.49, Alex Rastergouev, has ten preloaded workouts but you can also create customised training schedules so that you work and give sufficient amounts of rest to your muscles, as well as set reminders for yourself to make sure no workouts get missed.

iFitness (£0.69, Eltima Software, offers an encyclopaedia of workouts that you can do either in a gym or at home with free weights, while Easy Weights Log (free, PS Ventures, can help you keep track of what weights you are lifting so you can continue to build on your reps and weight. WeightCalc for Gym (£0.69, Bryan Gruver, is a handy converter to help you switch easily between lbs and kgs as well as another way to keep track of your personal bests.


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