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Australia and China lead the world in SDN adoption: Avaya

Brian Karlovsky | Feb. 26, 2015
39 percent of Australian companies have SDN in production on part or all of their networks

An overwhelming majority of IT professionals want software-defined networking to extend beyond the data centre, despite having doubts about the ability to do so.

According to the 2015 SDN Expectations, Avaya commissioned survey, 99 percent of IT professionals want SDN to extend beyond the data centre.

However, nearly the same amount (93 per cent) say the ability to do so today is extremely or moderately limited.

In addition, of the challenges that IT pros are looking to SDN to solve, 80 per cent insist that SDN programming must be simple before they will adopt.

The research also shows 94 per cent of large companies around the world are at the very least currently researching SDN.

In fact, close to one in three (29 per cent) already have SDN in production, with one in five (21 per cent) having rolled it out on part of their network and eight per cent say they have it in production across their entire network.

Another 42 per cent are at the research stage and 23 per cent are testing this technology in their laboratories or on part of their network.

Indeed, this means that together 52 per cent are either actively testing SDN or have already adopted it at least on some part of their network.

China has the highest levels of SDN adoption in terms of having it in production across their entire network (15 per cent).

Indeed, China (47 per cent) and, to a lesser degree, Australia (39 per cent) stand out in that more companies have SDN in production on part or all of their network, and this also applies to quite high proportions (roughly one in three) of those in the US (35 per cent), Russia (32 per cent) and Mexico (31 per cent).

The relative laggards are French corporations, where 10 per cent have it in production in part of the network and seven per cent have it in production across the entire network.

The report coincides with the introduction of a new, open software-defined networking (SDN) architecture that will help companies create the agile networks required by today's dynamic applications.

The Avaya SDN Fx architecture will deliver "connect anything, anywhere" simplicity, shaving weeks in provisioning time by allowing devices and users at the network edge to be added easily to the network, according to a company statement.

The architecture, built on the Avaya Fabric Networking technology, features new products and capabilities for a complete solution that delivers on the promise of SDN, without the hidden complexity that comes with the towering overlays of software and hardware inherent in many other vendor approaches. It includes an Open Networking Adapter (ONA), which provides a plug-n-play network connection for any device with an Ethernet port including medical devices, manufacturing machines, and branch office switches.


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