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At first birthday, has Google+ found its niche?

Sharon Gaudin | July 2, 2012
Google+ is hitting a major milestone this week. Google's fledgling social networking has hit its first birthday.

Dan Olds, an analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group, noted that Google does seem to be looking to weave Google+ social and collaborative features through its product line but he's not sure the social network is living up to the company's own expectations.

And that, he added, could be why there wasn't more excited talk around Google+ this week -- despite its big anniversary.

"They could be aware that they don't have a lot to brag about," said Olds. "Their baby isn't walking or talking yet and, really, not crawling so much either. [Google+] hasn't seen anything near the meteoric growth they expected or hoped for. But this would have been the perfect time to make some Google+ announcements and maybe rekindle some buzz."

Moorhead, however, said Google+ has made strides and is on a good path.

"What they need to show is just how far they have come in one year comparatively," he noted. "When you compare Facebook and Twitter one year into their development, Google+ looks great comparatively. Google+ needs to show how... integration improves the experience."



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