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Asteroids: Outpost impressions: See you on the dark side of the moon

Hayden Dingman | March 20, 2015
When Atari CEO Fred Chesnais told me back at PAX 2014 that the company was rebooting arcade classic Asteroids into a DayZ-style survival game (titled Asteroids: Outpost), I was surprised and more than a little bit confused.

Oh, and that lunar buggy thing is a hell of a lot of fun to drive in moon gravity. It makes me a bit giddy to see eight tons of steel glide back down to the surface like a balsa-wood plane.

Like all these recent survival games, however, Atari's biggest challenge is going to be attracting players. I'll concede that Asteroids at least has the most unique premise in a genre chock full of backwoods-Americana clones — space provides a nice change of scenery from Pacific Northwest-style forest scenes. But it is, at its heart, yet another survival game. Will a semi-unique premise allow it to coexist alongside its more established brethren? We'll see.

And we won't have to wait long. Asteroids is slated for a full release in 2015. Hopefully next time we take a look, it's not so lonely out in space.


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