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A*STAR harvests ICM technologies with ST Electronics and Singapore Power

Caroline Ng | May 14, 2013
The brainchild of A*STAR, the Institute for Infocomm Research has partnered ST Electronics and Singapore Power to boost the Intelligence, Communications and Multi-media sectors of the industry.

The Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), the infocomm and media brainchild of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), has joined laboratories with ST Electronics and Singapore Power.

The two collaborations aim to create impactful technologies to boost the competitive edge of Singapore companies.

ST Electronics and Singapore Power will set up joint laboratories with I2R in Fusionopolis to strengthen technological capabilities and to drive innovation and advance technology in the infocomm and utility industries.

Under this collaboration, ST Electronics will further develop in the areas of Software Defined Communications systems while Singapore Power will focus on the Grid Networks.

Lee Fook Sun, president of ST Electronics, said the partnership with I2R to develop Software Defined Communication systems was a natural choice following their successful collaboration of many years.

Chuah Kee Heng, head of strategic development of Singapore Power, said the initiative would enhance the performance and reliability of power grid networks. "This exciting collaboration will bring us to new frontiers in smart grid technology to enable energy efficiency and sustainable solutions for our customers," he said.

The research institute will be organising an ICM Outreach Show and Tell on 16 May to showcase the various ICM capabilities developed to address Singapore's infocomm and media sectors. In addition, this collaboration will give local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) access to research capabilities, enabling them to tap into the new technologies for international expansion.

A*STAR has worked in nearly 660 industry projects in the span of the last decade, including licensing technologies that are ready to be adopted to SMEs.


Ready-to-use home-grown technologies
I2R has also showcased some of their technologies that are ready to be adopted by the market at last week's techfest, ICM Outreach 2013: 

1.  Flight algorithm

I2R has developed an award-winning algorithm for commercial airlines to be more cost efficient by saving time and fuel as it could accurately predict gate and runway arrivals of flights. 


2.  Sense and Sense-abilities programme for urban planning

The Sense and Sense-abilities programme is part of Singapore urban solution. It provides real-time information for government agencies to make better and informed decisions for a safe and clean environment for city dwellers.


3.  Snap2Tell for image recognition

The Snap2Tell mobile application is an image recognition technology that allows users to receive extensive information about the surrounding environment by snapping a photo.

The application offers users an augmented reality environment for interactive communication which can be useful for businesses to extend further multimedia information to consumers. 


4. Hush-hush for confidential and secured communication

The 'Hush-hush' mobile security application enables users to send confidential contents to each other via Near Field Communication (NFC) technology through Secure SMS (short message service) and Secure MMS (multi-media messaging service).

By using NFC, the app eliminates the need for (un)trusted third parties as intermediaries, thereby offering consumers a secure communication lifestyle.


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