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ARM's first 64-bit processors target servers, smartphones

Agam Shah | Feb. 2, 2012
ARM will announce its first 64-bit processors later this year for servers and high-end smartphones.

ARM has some server-specific security and virtualization features in ARMv8, East said. The 64-bit processor will also be backward compatible and support applications written for previous ARM architectures.

ARM is also building software support to accelerate the adoption of its 64-bit processors in servers. A production version of Linux-based Ubuntu OS has already been released, and ARMv8 support is planned for Red Hat.

Looking forward in servers, ARM may have to tough task of unseating Intel, which has been offering x86 chips for years and dominates the server market, Brookwood said. Intel this year also entered the ARM's turf with the introduction of the 32-bit Medfield processor for smartphones.

Intel could come up with the 64-bit smartphone processor with a few tweaks, Brookwood said. However, ARM could be hard to shake as it has a dominating market presence, and the need for 64-bit in smartphones isn't dire.


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