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Are you ready to support Windows 10?

Mary Branscombe | July 30, 2015
Sometime after July 29, Windows 10 is going to start showing up in your business as employees either bring new PCs to work or upgrade their existing machines. Microsoft says it has had millions of reservations for the free Windows 10 upgrade. But despite the launch date, that's not going to happen overnight.

With SA, you'll get feature updates; without it, you don't get those new features, just security patches, and eventually you'll have to pay for new Windows 10 licenses to bring your PCs up to date.

You'll also get the Windows 10 Enterprise Long Term Service Branch that you can put on mission-critical and sensitive systems where you don't want the configuration changing. With SA you get 10 years of support and new releases of LTSB that you can choose to move to every two or three years; without SA, you don't get the new versions of the long-term branch, and you only get five years of support.

That's substantially the same choice you've had before; paying for either just the current version of Windows or buying Software Assurance to give you the right to upgrade to the next version. But with the new Windows as a Service model, upgrading to get new features is far less disruptive, which may make Software Assurance a better value.


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