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Are smart cars putting our safety at risk?

Kacy Zurkus | March 24, 2015
While the use of technology in smart cars affords consumers a variety of conveniences and luxuries, many don't understand what the implications to their privacy are.

Morrison recognized, "The manufacturers are trying to make life better for the consumer. An approach of 'inform and consent' may put consumers more at ease. And the recently formed automobile ISAC (information sharing and analysis center) will help to gain a better understanding of the threats and how to combat them." Morrison said, "To me the biggest question is how to ensure our personal data is being secured and that the manufacturers and their partners are being good custodians of our information."  

The one commonality that all automotive manufacturers have is the growing concern about safety and privacy protection. Many including Morrison argued that, "The industry needs to establish a 5-star data protection rating to complement its 5-star crash rating. Then being a good custodian of information almost becomes self-regulating just to stay competitive."

Being proactive will help to combat current and future threats for the consumer. "We want to start thinking about security/privacy before it becomes an eminent threat," Valasek said. Automotive industries want to build in security measures as they are designing new products. Valasek said, "we need to create security measures as we build rather than dealing with them later." Corman wants more. "We need to be prepared for the inevitable fact that computers on wheels will be hacked," he said, and he contended that, "a merging of the foundational capabilities proposed by with a driver's bill of rights" would be an elegant solution toward protecting consumers.


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