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Archos smartwatches hands-on pictures: Future budget smartwatches 2014

Chris Martin | Jan. 29, 2014
Smartwatches are about to get more affordable. We take a look at Archos' cheap smartwatch line-up for 2014.

Archos is one of the many firms jumping on the smartwatch band wagon and we've taken a look at what it will be offering this year.

A downside to a lot of smartwatches which have launched so far is that they're quite expensive accessories for your smartphone. However, Archos aims to smash that problem in half with its range of wearable tech starting at just £49. Here's a rundown and a closer look at each of its three smartwatches.

Archos Smartwatch 1.26in
This is the cheapest and most basic of Archos' smartwatch line-up. We're told the plan is to launch in in March with a budget price of just £49. See also LG Lifeband Touch hands-on review.

The device has a simple 1.26in LCD screen with a Cortex M3 120MHz processor inside. There's no touchscreen so it's a set of buttons located on the side which you'll use to navigate. It will connect to iPhone or Android over Bluetooth Low Energy and has a 300mAh battery. Also inside is a vibration module and accelerometer.

Aiming to be simple and basic, the Smartwatch 1.26in will, as well as telling you the time, give you notifications from your phone like SMS and email.

Archos Smartwatch 1.55in
Moving up the mid-range device, the Smartwatch 1.55in the same colour touchscreen as the iPod nano, but there are also some buttons too. It also uses Bluetooth Low Energy and has an accelerometer inside.

With a bigger screen and touch control, you'll be able to do more with this model. Archos will, like Sony does with its smartwatches, develop app to install on the device. This means you can control functions on your smartphone like music playback rather than just simply receive notifications.

Archos aims to launch the Smartwatch 1.55in in April at £79.

Archos Smartwatch e-ink
Currently just called the Archos Smartwatch, the firm's top of the range model uses an e-ink screen like the Pebble. The device is much more stylish with the metal finish and the fact the screen is curved.

The device will show the time permanently and you'll be able to control music from it. Once again, Archos tells us that it is looking to develop some apps for the Smartwatch.

If all goes to plan, you'll be able to get your hands on the e-ink Smartwatch in May or June for just £99.


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