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Apps for summer music festivals

Leah Yamshon | May 6, 2013
Use these apps to make your summer fest a success.

Another great way to keep in contact with friends is GroupMe  (free; iOSAndroid, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry), a multiplatform group messaging system. If everyone in your party installs this free app, you can create a group just for your fellow festival attendees. Using GroupMe can be more efficient than a group text through your phone's native client. It uses data instead of cell signal, and offers a wide range of features. Broadcast your location, coordinate a meet-up, and check in with your friends throughout the day.

Multiday festivals can be pricey if you're attending from out of town, so it's best to keep track of who is paying for what if you're sharing a hotel room or campsite with friends. One big plus to GroupMe is the app's Split feature, which lets group members keep track of shared expenses and send funds to friends who have picked up the tab.

Enjoy the show!

Once you get to the festival, remember to play it safe. Keeping hydrated is essential in the summer heat, and I'm not talking about alcohol. WaterIn (free, iOS) is a simple little app designed to help you remember to drink more water throughout the day. WaterIn will remind you to drink water at regular intervals throughout the day. When you take a drink, log the amount (a small glass, large glass, or bottle), and watch your chart fill up.

There will be lots of photographic moments as the festival progresses, so make sure your smartphone has the best app possible to make the most of its built-in camera. Camera+ ($1, iOS) is an excellent choice.

This app offers more features than the iPhone's native Camera app. Before taking a photo, select your scene (like Night or Landscape) to get some presets for the best shot based on your location. You can then set exposure and focus separately, and try a variety of shooting modes. The stabilizer will come in handy when you snap photos of bands. Finally, use Camera+'s in-app editing tools and filters to give your photo the final touch.

Festivals are the perfect place to discover new music. While you may love what you hear, learning the band name can be surprisingly difficult. Some stages don't have an updated schedule or indicate who is currently playing. You might be too far away from the stage to see the band's name, or you may have missed the introduction. In this case, use SoundHound (free; iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) to fill in the gaps.

SoundHound is a great recognition app that listens to a song and matches it to a track in its database. The app will identify the band and the name of the song that the band is playing. It will then display more information, like where to purchase a recording of the track and the song's lyrics. It has singing and humming recognition, so it should work well in a live setting.  


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