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Apple's next big thing might not be the stuff of rumors

Michael Simon | March 23, 2015
Apple and rumors go hand in hand. Back when I first started writing about Apple, I worked for a website called Spymac that purported to have "top secret" information about the next big things. (We didn't.) Think Secret ended up getting sued after leaking details of the original Mac mini and iWork. 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman publishes remarkably accurate reports that light up the Internet. And Crazy Apple Rumors still mocks us all.

Revved and ready

Whether or not Jony Ive is actually working on a mass-market automobile, CarPlay is a major component of Apple's integration plan. Like health, it's slow going — it'll take time before a measurable percentage of cars on the road are even capable of hooking up to our iPhones, but once they are, it will further integrate our devices, transferring phone calls, maps and, yes, Beats playlists from our iPhones to our dashboards.

Maintaining a fluid, seamless experience across all of our devices is Apple's final frontier. Ever since Front Row created a universal platform for all of our media on our Macs, Apple has dreamed of an integrated solution that follows us from screen to screen, giving us what we need when we need it. Imagine a world where our iPhone knows we're at the doctor's office and automatically queues up the health data it has collected over the past six months. Or our Apple Watch alerts us when our favorite team is locked up in a close game, signaling our Apple TV to tune to the channel.

At the close of Apple events, Tim Cook likes to use the phrase, "Only Apple." It's not about making a $17,000 smartwatch or even selling 75 million iPhones in a quarter. It's about integration, something not even Google is in the position to properly pull off. No other company has built such a tight, coordinated ecosystem of apps and devices, and Apple is on the verge of linking them all in magical, seamless ways.

It just might not make for sexy rumors. But then again, there's always Apple Car.


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