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Apple Watch preorders begin: 5 reasons to splurge, 5 reasons to skip

Caitlin McGarry | April 13, 2015
Apple Watch preorders start today, but do you want to buy a first-generation gadget? We weigh the pros and cons.

Apple Watch

Apple just started accepting preorders for the Apple Watch, which ships April 24, and now you can book appointments to try the device on and see how it works in person. Getting some time up close with the device will go a long way toward helping potential buyers make a decision, but choosing whether to buy now or pass on this round is going to be a tough call.

We've covered the Apple Watch announcement and launch events. We've combed through the early reviews for details you need to know. Now we weigh the pros and cons to help you decide whether to splurge on an Apple Watch or skip it.

Why you should buy

Because you're an early adopter: The next generation of computing is going to be wearable, so why not get in on the ground floor? Apple isn't the only tech company making a big play in the smartwatch space, but Apple Watch is by all accounts the best one iPhone users can buy today.

Because you want a watch, fitness tracker, and tiny iPhone on your wrist: Many of us wear watches. Many of us wear fitness trackers. Apple Watch's health and fitness features are big selling points, and if its sensors are as good as promised, you'll be able to ditch other wearables and sport just Apple Watch. Plus, the Watch acts as a notification center for your iPhone, so you can check the time, get updates from your most-used apps, and track your workouts with one device. That's a compelling reason to buy.

Because it's gorgeous: Apple is positioning the Watch as a fashion accessory that goes beyond its utility. Unlike other smartwatches, Apple Watch comes in stainless steel, aluminum, and gold, with a slew of band options to customize each model with your personal style. We're expecting third-party accessory makers to immediately get on board with Apple Watch to give early adopters even more band options. Then there's the Watch's sapphire crystal screen and Retina display: Early reviews have all pointed out that Apple Watch's face is light years beyond its Android Wear competitors.

Because you look at your phone too much: Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that Apple Watch is designed to cut down the amount of time you look at your iPhone screen. Instead of pulling out your phone to check messages or view notifications, the Watch delivers all of that information to your wrist. Then you can decide what to act on immediately and what can wait. If you're an iPhone addict, Apple Watch might bring your focus back to the physical world.


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