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Apple TV release date, rumours and images

Macworld staff | Jan. 10, 2013
The new Apple TV (generation 4) release date is a big question right now. In this article we explore some rumours and uncover some potential images of the new iMac. Read our New Apple TV release date, rumours and images article to find out more.

New Apple TV rumours - TV as apps

An alternative idea would be that in the future we will be able to subscribe to content in the form of apps. Currently you can buy a series pass to a programme you like, with that programme delivered to your device each week. Could a UK production company such as Tiger Aspect, Hat Trick Productions or Endemol, package up their programming in an app and allow subscribers to download the content to their devices, effectively cutting out the middle man?

Former Apple exec Jean-Louis Gasse writes: "Cook has one thing right: The set-top box experience does place one back in time by 20 to 30 years. The solution? Channels, shows, special events should all be presented as apps. Click, pay and play, with standard fare for free. Catch the 6pm news when you get home at 9.30; watch two programmes side-by-side with Android 7 or iOS 9, all on your screen of choice: smartphone, tablet, PC or TV".

Gassee notes that the obstacle is the "tangled, encrusted business models that the Comcasts, CBSs, and Disneys cling to out of fear that Apple will wrest control of their content, that they'll be disintermediated la iTunes or the iPhone/iPad App Store."

New Apple TV rumours - gaming

We have previously speculated that the Apple TV could become a games console, with iOS already being a popular gaming platform.

The rumour that Apple could turn the Apple TV into a games console has been running for some time. Back in 2009 we reported an analyst's comments that the Apple TV had a future as a gaming device.

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter claimed Apple had a clear strategy to turn the Apple TV into an all round entertainment system.

"I think Apple has a deliberate strategy. They want to see what they can do with the handhelds - iPod Touch and iPhone - first, then move into console games," Pachter said. "Apple TV is the device that they can turn into a console, and they have essentially the same goals as Microsoft - to turn Apple TV into an entertainment and Internet hub."

Among our predictions for 2012 we discussed the theory that the Apple TV would evolve into a gaming device. While the Mac has traditionally been seen as a poor device for gaming (although this is changing: read about our favourite Mac Games here), there can be no doubt about Apple's gaming prowess when it comes to the iPhone and the iPad. The iPad's technological competence is nothing short of incredible when you consider its svelte form, and the new Retina display hints at an impressive future for gaming on the device. Even before the Retina display, impressive iOS titles like Infinity Blade were given an additional layer of detail that approaches the sort of lavish imagery we're accustomed to on the Xbox 360 and PS3.


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