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Apple TV release date, rumours and images

Macworld staff | Jan. 10, 2013
The new Apple TV (generation 4) release date is a big question right now. In this article we explore some rumours and uncover some potential images of the new iMac. Read our New Apple TV release date, rumours and images article to find out more.

New Apple TV release date

So, given that the likely hood of Apple revamping the Apple TV is high, when are we likely to see the new box?

Apple last updated the Apple TV in March 2012. The third generation model looked and acted exactly the same as the previous model, but added 1080p video support. The launch came in conjunction with Apple TV Software Update 5.0, which bought the new features (with the exception of 1080p) to older Apple TVs. Changes include an interface overhaul, access to your purchased movies for streaming, the ability to purchase movies directly from your Apple TV, and access to Genius Playlists and Mixes in your iTunes Match music and Photo Stream.

A new fourth generation Apple TV could well launch exactly one year later in March 2013. However, we believe a new Apple TV is likely to launch in conjunction with an update to iOS. We expect to see iOS 7 at WWDC in June, and believe there is a possibility of the new iPhone and iPad operating system being rolled out into the Apple TV, along with access to iOS Apps on that device.

New Apple TV 4 - leaked images

Apple TV 4

It's unlikely that the design of the Apple TV will change from the current model. What may change is the ports on the back.

Currently the Apple TV features the following ports: HDMI2, Optical audio, 10/100BASE-T Ethernet, Built-in IR receiver and Micro-USB (for service and support).

Thunderbolt might be a start, then users could connect their Apple TV to an Apple Thunderbolt Display and pretend that they own the mythical Apple Television. Currently the Apple TV can only connect to a HD TV with an HDMI cable. Many who have decried the Apple TV's lack of a hard drive would be pleased if the company made the USB service port accessible for plugging in a hard drive.

New Apple TV rumours - new features

When the new Apple TV launched we expect to see the following new features described below.

New Apple TV rumours - new interface

One look at the current iOS-home-screen-like layout, and your mind starts imagining other icons - like, say, one for iPlayer, and another for Channel 4OD -filling up spaces in the grid. Indeed, the new UI introduced last year seemed like an obvious first step towards allowing content-provider-specific apps, as well as perhaps other types of apps.

The company should let users manage those sources and apps - which ones appear, which are hidden, and how they're arranged.

New Apple TV rumours - Bluetooth

Reports are suggesting that Apple's set top box may gain Bluetooth functionality in a move that could set that device on its way to taking over the living room.


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