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Apple iPhone 6 Plus recall -- camera blurry-gate

Richi Jennings | Aug. 25, 2015
So that's OK then. Except...

And this one hilariously trolls people who take blurry iPhone pictures:

Obviously, they were just holding it wrong.  MORE

Meanwhile, John Gruber notes Apple's confusing terminology:

I wonder how many people know which camera, front or rear, the “iSight” camera is? ... I guessed wrong.  MORE

Update: JP Fulton is definitely NOT happy:

I took my iPhone 6+ to the Apple store in Coronado Mall in Albuquerque. I printed out the page where it specified that my iPhone fell into the correct serial number range and took it with me. I showed it to the person who greeted me, and then to the person doing triage for the Genius (sic) Bar. They told me to come back in two and a half hours so someone could look at it.

I came back to the store where we were told that the phone appeared to be working ok and to call them if the camera went bad. I have two questions: a) Why wasn't the sensor replaced then and there? It's like having a recall on a car and having the dealership tell you that they won't replace the part because it doesn't appear to be broke. I realize that the phone having a blurry camera isn't the same as having the gas pedal stick, but it is still a defect and the phone clearly qualified. b) Why didn't they say it up front vs. the rigamarole around coming back in two and a half-hours? I expected far better than that from Apple.  MORE

And Finally...
My wife found my email in the Ashley Madison database
[hat tip: Andy Baio]


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