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Apple iPhone 5 launch was subject of 5 times more tweets than Samsung's Galaxy S4, analysis reveals

Ashleigh Allsopp | April 1, 2013
Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster says Twitter study proves that Apple's iPhone is the more popular smartphone

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has highlighted a commissioned analysis of Twitter activity surrounding the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 launches that reveals Apple's latest iPhone was the subject of more than five times as many tweets when it launched than the Galaxy S4 was when it was unveiled earlier this month.

Munster believes that the analysis, conducted by Investing Analytics, shows that the iPhone continues to be the more popular smartphone, reports Barron's. 

"The iPhone continues to hold more mass appeal with consumers," said Munster. "According to data from Investing Analytics, on the day of and day after the launch of the iPhone 5, ~2.4 million total tweets about the phone were made."

"By comparison, the Galaxy S4 had 440k total tweets on the same period (launch day and day after)," he continued. "We believe this demonstrates that while interest in the Galaxy S4 is growing, Apple continues to hold a meaningful lead as the smartphone with the broadest consumer appeal."

Munster expects that the iPhone will "essentially maintain its market share in the high-end of the market through calendar 2013," and that Apple's stock will benefit later this year when the rumoured cheaper iPhone launches.

Samsung's Galaxy S4 has recently gone up for pre-order in the UK, with a SIM-free price tag £100 more expensive than the iPhone 5.


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