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Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak expounds on his hacking shenanigans and online mischief

Ellen Messmer | Sept. 26, 2013
In keynote at ASIS Conference, Wozniak shares jokes, monkeyshines played on family, friends.

Wozniak said many of his break-in stunts were often combined with a prank, such as when he guessed his stepson's password for the Macintosh and made the files he found hard to access, while also scheming with his wife to leave a folder marked "from Mom." "He was livid," said Wozniak about the prank.

Wozniak said one of his favorite pranks was coming up with a TV jammer that he secretly used to convince friends their TV sets were malfunctioning, while at the same time instructing them in outlandish ways to "fix" the problems -- until he secretly stopped jamming their sets.

All of this youthful exuberance at the time may have occurred "because I was a geek, and had little hope of finding a girlfriend or a wife," Wozniak says.


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