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AOL's Digital Prophet, Shingy, gives us his predictions for 2015

Allan Swann | May 8, 2015
David Shing, better known as Shingy, has been one of Australia's most outspoken exports - appointed AOL's digital prophet, he has been on the speaking circuit for the last few years spreading his particular view of the future of the IT marketplace - drawing criticism and praise in equal measure. ARN sat down to have a chat with him at CeBIT 2015 ahead of his keynote.

What could be an absolute lunatic brand that goes off the charts in popularity, could've been something you just thought was 'meh.'

So what are some of the key Aussie projects you've looked at and been impressed by over the last 12 months?

Only the ones that have made it to the US, so the obvious ones, like Canva and Freelancer. Nothing too super niche. Those two are super amazing, really world class. They have the legs to go on. They obviously have their challenges, but they've already proven themselves to be global.

The Australian connection remains strong, someone is always pinging me about some up and coming Australian startups. We have a great sense of community, this strong tribe, a brethren, that looks out for each other, even overseas.

It's great to discover stuff and help amplify it.

Okay, so what is your key prediction for 2015?

There is going to be a hell of a lot more stuff that people are going to have to learn to filter out. A lot of noise.

It will be interesting to see if Cisco's $US19 trillion predictions for the Internet of Things comes true, including the wearables. There will also be an overwhelming rationalisation of these experiences, as consumers tell us what sticks, and what doesn't. Always on does not mean always relevant.

I also think slow journalism is coming back, long form stories. I love going there for a slow read. The world at 140 characters is getting a bit tired, and doesn't give me the depth that I really want. People want to go deep, they don't want to just skim across a topic anymore.

It's the same with long form versus short form video on devices. We're all still experimenting to see what consumers will go for.


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