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Anti-privacy award for most monitoring across the web goes to U.S. wireless carriers

Ms. Smith | Aug. 19, 2015
Americans are tracked across the web by their wireless carriers' 'supercookies' more than any other carrier in any other country.

Carriers must recognize that people are increasingly aware of and concerned about privacy and security issues. The legal, financial, and public relations fallout from invading privacy is growing, and movements to hold corporations accountable for infringing human rights are gaining steam around the world. It is in the best interest of carriers, both in the short and long term, to stop tracking and exploiting people's information without their knowledge or consent, whether or not current regulations ban the practice. There are more ethical ways to gather information, such as giving customers a true opt-in after informed consent.

Access has a "Telco Action Plan" as well as a list of recommendations, including developing policies and practices that provide guidelines for safeguarding users' right to privacy.


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