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Another EU fine! Is Microsoft insane?

Mark Gibbs | March 8, 2013
Microsoft has just been hit, again, with a massive fine by the EU for making the same mistake all over again

A "mistake"?! Given the huge number of product managers at Microsoft and the legions of lawyers employed to keep the company on the straight and narrow how do you make such a biblically stupid mistake? There had to be a requirements document, and at least one section had to cover legal issues, so it is hard to believe they missed the need to offer a choice of browsers.

Moreover, Microsoft referred to the mistake as a "technical error" which implies the installation process did include something like a browser choice section that didn't work properly. I find it very hard to believe such a thing would pass Microsoft's quality assurance process and that it was just an oversight; a "whoops, we goofed."

Could it be that Microsoft was just testing the EU regulators to see if it could get away with it? If it could have, then it could have set a precedent for future pushing of the limits of what the EU would tolerate. If that was what Microsoft was doing, wow! What an outrageously expensive mistake. Whose head will roll? And if it wasn't testing the EU regulators and it was, indeed, a technical error, whose head will roll? Either way, it sure looks like insanity.


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