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Anomaly 2 upgrades the tower defense genre on iOS

Nate Ralph | Nov. 14, 2013
Tower defense games have always been a bit daft: waves of baddies throw themselves at stationary murder-spires until you whittle them down to naught, or the sheer mass of their corpses overwhelms your firepower.

The magic touch

You'll want to see this one for yourself. Mice and keyboards are great, but I've always found that touch devices are a natural fit for these sorts of hands-off strategy games, wherein you assign commands in broad strokes to autonomous units. Anomaly 2 simply shines on my iPad, coupling good looks with a solid control scheme that lets me focus on shuffling my troops down the right streets. The game has been available on PC and Macs for some time now, but it'll only set you back $5 on your iOS device. And no nagging ads or in-app purchases either! I'll admit it's a bit sad to have to add that as a selling point, but such is the state of mobile gaming these days.

Grab Anomaly 2 from the Apple App store, or pop on over to 11bit Studios' site to get a discount on the Steam version.


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