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Android Roundup: Samsung takes its medicine in astroturfing, defective phone flap

Jon Gold | Oct. 28, 2013
Plus, the announcement that (probably) won’t announce much, Android BBM is just WILDLY popular, and Google scoops up the biggest performance enhancer in France since Lance Armstrong.

It apparently transpired that posted a story about the event stipulating specifically that no new hardware or software would be released and then quickly took it right back down again. This tells us nothing, really, but you can imagine the wave of speculation that crested on places like Reddit.

As with pretty much every other "here comes Android 4.4" rumor-nad thus far, this one blew itself out fairly quickly: The event turned out to be a showcase for new Google Play stuff of relatively little consequence. While it certainly seems like Kit Kat and the Nexus 5 will be along at SOME point in the near future, anybody purporting to have figured out the precise date and time will have been lucky, rather than good, if they're proved right

*Google bought a French startup called FlexyCore on Tuesday for north of $23 million, according to a report in L'Expansion. FlexyCore is the company behind Android performance optimizer DroidBooster, and TechCrunch said that the deal "looks in part like an acqui-hire," so here's hoping there are exciting new performance boosts in the offing.

(H/T: TechCrunch)


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