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Android fans ask, 'for whom the KitKat tolls?'

Jon Gold | Nov. 7, 2013
The news that KitKat may not be coming to a Nexus phone near you has made waves among device owners, prompting some to protest – and in one notable case, even petition.


The Android sub-Reddit today turned up a funny piece of history a bug present in early versions of the software meant that every single keystroke pecked into the G1's keyboard was sent to a freaking root shell, which interpreted some inputs as commands, in addition to instructions to type whatever it was you were trying to type. So, for example, simply typing enter+r+e+b+o+o+t+enter would actually reboot the phone.

And you thought Android had security problems these days. Goodness me.

(H/T: r/Android)


Verizon's going to sell an own-brand mini-tablet called the Ellipsis 7 starting this Friday, Big Red announced this week. With specs that fall short of the latest model Nexus 7 and a higher base price, the only real selling points seem to be convenience I mean, if you're in the store and you just decide "hey, I need a 7-inch tablet right this minute," the Ellipsis is there for you and subsidy price, since you can get it for $150 with a contract. (The base price is $250.)

(H/T: The Verge)


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