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AMD claims Carrizo chip offers substantial performance, battery life boosts

Mark Hachman | Feb. 25, 2015
In January, AMD said that its upcoming Carrizo chip for notebooks and low-power desktops would cut power significantly over the prior generation, Kaveri. On Monday, AMD explained how.

HSA integration will help the chip reach 3.5 times the transcode performance of Kaveri, AMD said. It will support H.265 video encoding. 

Rival Intel and a number of other chip makers will also speak at the ISSCC, which has increasingly catered to not only microprocessors but the embedded controllers and bus technologies that complement them and keep them fed with data. Intel, for its part, said it was confident that Moore's Law, the guiding principle of the semiconductor industry, would continue on track for at least two more generations of manufacturing technology.

Why this matters: While it's unclear what the final power consumption and performance of the Carrizo chip will be, it seems apparent that AMD believes that each of these power-saving techniques will contribute substantially to reducing the overall power. In speaking with Naffziger, it's obvious that AMD will continue to pursue its strategy of what might be called "design judo," using design techniques to overcome the manufacturing clout of its rival Intel. The real question will be the balance of performance per watt: will Carrizo's performance be good enough that customers will prize its low power consumption? Or will Carrizo be seen as a low-end, inexpensive chip?


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