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Amazon's average 'Mayday' response time is under 10 seconds

Nick Mediati | June 17, 2014
Forget waiting on hold: Amazon touts nearly instantaneous response times to support requests.

If you own an Amazon Kindle Fire HDX tablet, you have access to a useful help tool known as the Mayday button: Press this button, and you'll be connected with a member of Amazon's support staff who can see what's on your screen and guide you through whatever problem you're having. It's a super easy way to get help, and apparently, it's super popular among Kindle Fire HDX owners.

According to data released by Amazon, 75 percent of all Kindle Fire HDX help requests  get sent through the Mayday button. Not only is the free service getting plenty of use, but it's quick: Amazon reports that it responds to Mayday help request in 9.75 seconds on average. (Amazon's response time goal, for what it's worth, is 15 seconds or less.)

There are a few unknowns, though--namely, Amazon doesn't say anything about the actual number of help requests it gets, which makes it difficult to get the sense of scale that Amazon's operating at. 

Still, a response time under ten seconds is nothing to sneeze at, and it's one advantage that Amazon can tout over other companies in the highly competitive tablet market.


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