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Advice from an Apple Tech: When your Mac takes a fall

Chris Barylick | May 22, 2013
When your Mac laptop slips out of your hands, or your Mac desktop falls off your desk as you're shuffling things around, here's what to do once the feeling of dread dissipates.

Bite the bullet: Data recovery
Prices for professional data recovery tend to run in the high three figures to four figures, but the operation works. Send your hard drive off to a recovery outfit like DriveSavers, and its technicians will disassemble the drive and replace malfunctioning parts in a dust-free, clean-room environment. It won't be cheap, but it's the best route for retrieving all physically recoverable data from a damaged drive.

Recovery takes time
Somewhere, sometime, you will accidentally drop your Mac. Keep calm, don't panic, get your thoughts in order, take care of your data, keep backups in safe locations, and you'll be all right. Look at the bright side: Ladies dig scars and guys love war stories. The more impressive the drop, the better the story you'll have to tell.


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