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9 super useful subreddits network pros should follow

Bob Brown | May 27, 2013
Reddit is not just filled with pictures of cats and silly memes. Seriously. There's a lot of good content on the popular social news aggregator for network professionals whether you're focused on security, Windows, VoIP, IPv6 or a mixed bag.

7. The Linux subreddit, for those of you embracing open source technologies, has 110,000 subscribers and lots of offshoots, such as subreddits for Linux noobs and Linux admins. Pressing questions raised in the Linux subreddit include: "How to mix Linux and Windows on your network?"

8. The mysterious sounding DarkNetPlan subreddit attracts those organizing a decentralized alternative to traditional ISPs. Comcast and Verizon beware!

9. The Cordcutters subreddit, which specializes in info about ditching cable/satellite TV and streaming stuff for cheap or free. Um, Comcast and Verizon beware!

10 The iiiiiiitttttttttttt subreddit lets you release your IT rage for all the world to see via comics ("Tired of stupid customers? Having to deal with constant computer frustrations at work?"). No text posts here. Some 23,000 enraged technicians subscribe.


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