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8 ways to use Google Glass on the job

James A. Martin | Jan. 23, 2014
Google Glass isn't without its limitations -- not to mention privacy concerns -- but Google Glass 'Explorers' are finding many ways to use the device to work smarter and faster. The key to more widespread adoption, though, will be seamless integration into existing technology workflows.

4. Taking Notes
Evernote, the popular note-taking Web service and application, is among the few official Google Glass apps currently available - and Shazafar Khaja, integration architect for The Kroger Company, says Evernote is the most useful app thus far for Glass.

"Before I go to meetings, I email myself the minutes from previous meetings and action items. I have all of this accessible to me in the meeting at the flick of a finger, with Glass," he says. "I've also started to record (with everyone's permission) parts of brainstorming sessions where we have ideas flying around. This enables me to be involved without having to fiddle with a phone or camera."

Khaja admits he could do all of the above using traditional methods - "But with Glass, I'm less distracted and more focused on what's going on."

5. Fixing Cars
Glass Explorer Will Elias says Glass has helped him with the complexity of fixing vehicles. "With cars changing so quickly, and everything computerized, I was able to work on a vehicle with the assistance of an ASE-certified mechanic," Elias says. "He watched what I was doing (through a Glass video chat) and guided me on how to fix the vehicle correctly."

6. Showcasing Your Company
Google Glass is an ideal way to show off a company's customer service experience, notes Hilary Topper, CEO of HJMT Public Relations: "Imagine walking in and videotaping, with a first-person perspective, the way someone would be treated if they entered your restaurant, spa or bank." Topper's firm used Glass to make a reality video to both showcase the firm and show off Glass. The video, Glasslandia, has received more than 50 million social media impressions," she says.

7. Staying Up to Date While Out and About
Matt McGee is editor-in-chief of Marketing Land and also runs the popular Glass Almanac blog. "With Glass I can get RSS feeds, Tweets, emails and so forth sent right to me while I'm out and about," he says. "It's great at conferences, for example, to be able to consume this kind of information while walking the halls or expo floors. It keeps me in the know."

McGee admits that he could get these updates on his iPhone - but consuming that kind of information at a conference means stopping, find an out-of-the-way spot and reading. With Glass, on the other hand, he can keep walking and see headlines and tweets as they come to him. "I can even speak a reply," he says. "And it's all done hands-free with my head up, so I don't have to worry about walking into someone."


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