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8 ways online video can improve your business

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff | July 10, 2013
From attracting new customers with online marketing to recruiting employees, business owners, managers and video experts discuss how video can benefit your organisations.

"We aspire to make business planning simple," Glassey says. "The videos reinforce that message and have become another funnel for attracting new customers."

Similarly, for Sarah Yonover, the creator and founder of HipKNOTies, a line of multipurpose garments, using video to educate her customers was crucial.

"When I am in front of people and have the ability to physically show them the way that HipKNOTies can transform from one style to another, they are always amazed," she says. "However, I cannot be everywhere at all times. That is why video has contributed to the overwhelming success of HipKNOTies." You can see her how-to videos here.

"Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I believe that video is worth millions of dollars in sales," Yonover says.

5. Educate and Train Employees
Video is also a great way to share information with employees, says Carly Ramirez, social media manager at home loan company Guaranteed Rate.

"We send daily video tips to teach our employees and realtors how to use social media, mobile apps and useful websites to grow and market their business," Ramirez says. "People are very visual, and we found that our audience loves being able to follow along with a video tutorial rather than just reading plain text," she says.

For example, the company posted a "Call Me, Maybe?" video spoof, which highlighted some of the company's most popular video tips to introduce realtors to new or popular apps to increase leads and sales.

"Video also helps businesses scale their training," says Javier Perez-Karam, the founder of Green Carrot, a storytelling and production company. "Instead of having one-on-one training, the business owner can make sure all new employees or contractors learn from one source, at any time, with the ability to go back and review it."

For the video to be effective, Perez-Karam says, it needs to be both informational and engaging-and not too long.

6. Let Customers Tell Their Story
"Customer testimonials in the form of video provide an easy way to help validate your business," says Lauren Hill, video production specialist at Volusion, provider of ecommerce software and shopping cart solutions. "Not only do they build positive buzz about you, but customer success videos also create an element of social proof, emphasizing why someone should take interest in your organization," she says.

But you need to be careful about how you approach customer testimonials, Hill says. Some may ot come off as genuine. "By letting someone else sing your praises [as the founder of You Smell did in this video], you'll create a level of transparency that will help customers see why you're a business worthy of coming back to."


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