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8 superpowers hidden inside your browser

Brad Chacos | Nov. 15, 2013
Once a mere renderer of static HTML, today's browsers come chock-full of capabilities that can transform webpages into something downright desktopian.

Be an operating system unto itself: ChromeOS
With that, we come to the pinnacle of the Web browsing mountain: ChromeOS. Google's operating system is essentially a glorified Chrome browser (surprise!) and powers a legion of low-cost notebooks that are among the few bright spots in today's PC market.

ChromeOS loses some functionality when you're away from the Web, and it won't run traditional Windows desktop programs. But glancing over the potent browser features highlighted in this article, you have to ask yourself: How much longer will that matter?

For now it does. Many of the nifty browser tricks mentioned here involve relatively young technology that is far from widely adopted. But as time marches on and Web browsers become even more potent, Chromebooks will become all the more viable—and the line between the browser and the desktop will become increasingly blurry. Online? Offline? Before long, the distinction might be moot.


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