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7 ways AI will revolutionise business travel

James A. Martin | June 7, 2017
From chatbots to robotic bellhops, AI and machine learning are already having an impact on how we travel for work and pleasure.

Business travelers “will feel better giving up their data if the travel organisation is transparent about its use and puts the control back in the hands of the business traveler,” adds Robert Zippel, global technology lead for Accenture Travel. “So, travel organisations need to work together with the business traveler on what the data will be used for, in regards to inputting into AI and ML capabilities, and provide opt-out options as well.”

AI introduces data security concerns as well, says Singh. “With so much personal data being stored and shared across systems, a corrupted system or a hacker could be a significant risk to the individual and the organisation.”

AI also raises ethical concerns, Singh says. “What is an AI system’s goal? Is it on the customer’s side by helping them? Or is it focused on the profit of the companies by guiding the customer to the most profitable product they could potentially purchase? These things would be coded into the algorithm, and no one is sure now how it will work.”

Ultimately, AI’s major challenge will be “to provide a human touch, which is particularly important in the hospitality industry,” Singh says.  


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