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7 steps to social media stardom

Jeff Vance | June 26, 2012
Social media is taking up more and more of our time, both at home and work.

Analytics shouldn't be limited to Twitter. Other tools include PageLever, to gain insights into Facebook fan pages; SiteTrail, to keep track of your competitors' social media activities; Social Mention, to analyze key terms across platforms; and crowdbooster, which promises "a plan of action instead of just a stream of information."

No. 4: Don't be annoying

When a conference, trade show or other special event comes along, many people start tweeting like crazy. For followers, this can get to be a nuisance. If the tweets seem repetitive or irrelevant, some users may un-follow you.

"[When you have an event coming up], tell your followers in advance that you'll be tweeting a lot (and remind them a few times throughout the day). Then ask them to mute you instead of un-following you," says Stephanie Schwab, Principal, Crackerjack Marketing, a social media and digital marketing firm. "I use Mute Tweets and recommend it to my followers each time I attend a conference."

With Mute Tweets, you can temporarily un-follow someone when they become too "noisy." Do this manually, and chances are you won't remember to re-follow - which isn't always a bad thing, but usually isn't the response you want for temporary nuisances.

No 5: Automate mundane tasks

Has it ever dawned on you that social media is an insanely cumbersome tool? Do you repeat tasks often? Do you consistently thank people who follow you? Do you always load mobile photos to Facebook?

If you do any of these frequent, consistent, repetitive tasks, do yourself a favor and start using IFTTT (If This, Then That). In IFTTT, you can create your own tasks or copy other people's "recipes" to avoid reinventing the wheel.

The first recipe I adopted was one that automatically thanks people when they mention me on twitter or retweet one of my posts. Other less obvious recipes include ones that will send you the weather report via SMS each morning; that will email you when the Amazon free Android app of the day is posted, and which will send your blog RSS to your Twitter account, so you don't forget to tweet your own content.

No. 6: Settle on one channel

Hootsuite and Nimble both give you the ability to unify major social media channels into one console. When I first tried these out a few months ago, I found Nimble to have a few too many glitches, so I adopted Hootsuite, which I think is great.

However, Hootsuite doesn't currently support Google+, but Nimble does.

Nimble is also taking steps to integrate with third-party tools, such as MailChimp (an email marketing platform). Nimble looks to be evolving more as a social CRM and sales tool (it offers the ability to track sales leads and deals), while Hootsuite is more of a social media aggregation and collaboration tool.


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