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7 must-have iOS apps that still haven't reached Android

Armando Rodriguez | June 26, 2013
Vine's big Android release might have fans of 6-second videos in a tizzy, but there are still loads of hot iOS apps we want to see on Google's mobile OS.

Let's face it: All the best apps come to iOS first. Even though Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, it has to wait patiently for developers to port their wares over to it. Popular video-sharing app Vine launched on iOS in January of this year, for example, and it's only just recently made its way to Google's mobile OS.

But Vine isn't the only iOS app that Android users have been pining for. We'd love to see plenty of other hot iOS-only apps join the Android party, including these seven--sooner rather than later, please.

Camera Awesome

What it is:Camera Awesome is a feature-rich camera app crammed with tools for quickly and easily enhancing your photos. Once you take a photo, the app lets you "awesomize" it by running it through a complex photo-processing algorithm that adjusts the colors and brightness of the image to make it look much more vibrant. Camera Awesome can also handle photo cropping and rotation, and it comes with more than 261 filters, frames, and textures for personalizing your masterpiece.

Why you want it: Aside from the camera augmentations HTC and Samsung package with their phones, most of the camera software on Android downright sucks. A quick search through the Play Store unearths a number of third-party camera apps, but none of them perform as well as Camera Awesome--let alone offer as many features. If you're serious about taking photos with your phone, you want this app.

Is it coming to Android? I asked whether an Android version of Camera Awesome was in the works, and received this response from developer SmugMug's CEO and cofounder, Don MacAskill:

Nike+ FuelBand

What it is: When used in conjunction with the accessory of the same name, the Nike+ FuelBand app lets you track how active you are compared to other Nike+ users. You can track your activity by day, week, month, or year, and the app syncs your fitness info back to your online Nike+ profile.

Why you want it: Though fitness fanatics already have access to the Jawbone Up and Fitbit apps on Android, the Nike+ FuelBand app uses achievements and leaderboards to make staying in shape a lot more fun. Nike's app also lets you set daily goals for yourself, which can help motivate you to take the stairs instead of the elevator every once in a while. Android-only users could get a FuelBand and connect it to a Mac or PC via USB to upload their data to Nike's website, but plugging things in is so last year.


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