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7 iPhone battery tips for advanced users

Al Sacco | May 2, 2014
Battery life has never really been the iPhone's strength, though it has improved since 2007, the year the first iPhone was released. The original iPhone got about eight hours of talk time, according to Apple, while the latest Apple smartphone, the iPhone 5s, gets about 10 hours talk time. The first iPhone had a 1440mAh battery and the iPhone 5s has a 1570mAh battery. Capacity only increased by 12 percent during the last six years, according to, while average life increased by 25 percent.

5) Podcast Settings and iPhone Battery Life

If you subscribe to podcasts on iTunes and you choose to automatically sync your subscriptions, you can reduce the refresh frequency to maximize battery life. If you're particularly concerned about battery life, you can turn off podcast sync altogether. Go to Settings > Podcasts and then flip the Sync Subscriptions switch to Off.

If you just want to reduce the refresh interval, change your Refresh Podcasts options on the podcasts settings page to one of the less frequent options, including Every Day, Every Week or Manually.

You can also turn the podcast Auto-Downloads feature off on the settings page and choose to only refresh and download podcasts while connected to a Wi-Fi network. To do so, make sure the Use Cellular Data switch is in the Off position.

6) iPhone Battery Percentage Meter

The iOS software only shows you a battery graphic at the top of your display by default, but you can also turn on a battery percentage meter to see a more specific battery life reading.

To turn on your iPhone battery percentage meter, go to Settings > General > Usage and then flip the Battery Percentage switch under the Battery Usage section to On.

7) Replace iPhone Battery When Necessary

Depending on how old your iPhone battery is, the tips in this post may not extend your overall life all that much. Apple says a "properly maintained iPhone battery is designed to retain up to 80 percent of its original capacity at 500 full charge and discharge cycles." If you charge your iPhone every night and drain the battery each day, you'll start to see noticeable battery degradation after about a year and a half. (Read "How to Know if Your iPhone Battery is on Death Row" to learn more.)

If your iPhone battery isnt performing up to your expectations, it could be time to replace it. If your device is still covered by an AppleCare or other warranty, you may be able to get a free or discounted replacement. If not, Apple charges $80 for battery replacement, plus shipping.


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