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6 things you need to know to switch your business from PC to Mac

Paul Mah | Nov. 6, 2013
Making the switch from a PC to a Mac for your work machine? The following recommendations will help make the transition a painless one.

Spend a few days installing apps and getting familiar with OS X. In the meantime, sync work documents from your old PC to your new Mac using a cloud storage service such as Dropbox or SugarSync. Even IT-savvy users should expect a period of adaptation when making the switch - the user interface is different, as are the steps for accomplishing common tasks such as startup and shutdown.

Users who type a lot may want to keep a list of common OS X keyboard shortcuts handy, while mouse users should download and install Scroll Reverser. As its name suggests, this free utility reverses the direction of the physical scroll wheel in an external mouse without disrupting the new "natural scroll" direction that works well with a built-in trackpad.

5. Accessorize Your MacBook With Cases, Screens or External Batteries
The small number of discrete MacBook models and form factors has another advantage: It gives peripheral makers ample incentive to design and manufacture protective cases and other custom accessories for a single laptop.

This means there's a wide variety of accessories designed specifically for the MacBook. Here are some useful ones to consider:

The PlugBug adds a USB charger to an Apple power cord.

  • HyperShop's HyperJuice 2 external battery packs enough oomph to effectively triple the runtime of the 11-inch MacBook Air.
  • Moshi makes a variety of screen and keyboard protectors molded specifically for the MacBook, including a number of ultra-slim hardshell cases with a precise fit.
  • Twelve South, which prides itself on only making accessories for Apple products, sells the vertical BookArc laptop stand and the PlugBug, a clever USB charger that clips onto the standard Apple power adapter.

6. Become a Mac Power User No Matter Where You Are
Once you've survived the initial discomfort of switching operating systems, take the time to explore - and leverage - the various capabilities the Mac platform offers.

One advantage that's especially useful for business travelers: the MacBook's excellent battery life, a byproduct of tight hardware and operating system integration. Workers frequently away from their desks will also appreciate Spaces, which allows for the creation of multiple virtual desktops and helps users organize running applications without requiring more monitors.

Ultimately, the move to a Mac doesn't have to be a permanent one. In fact, if you make it a point to occasionally switch between Windows and Mac OS X, you should attain platform "ambidexterity" in no time at all.


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